Sealift (Seasonal)

ORDER process

Step by Step Instructions


Online/Phone Support






  • Browse the Online Catalog to select your items from our product category pages and add to Quote.

  • As you select your items, a popup will appear with the current item added to you quote. 

  • Your newly added item will always be at quantity of 1.

  • You can change the quantity then or later.

  • After selecting all your items, click My Quote in the top right corner of your screen or next step in popup box.

  • You can increase/decrease or remove any quantity from items previously added to the Quote.

  • Please fill in the contact information so we can send you the quote you are requesting.

  • In the Remarks Box, you may add requests for items you did not find or any special instructions.

  • Next, you must click to Review Information.

  • Please review your contact information and all your items to make sure the everthing is ok.

  • If you need to change something, click Previous Step to go back. Once completed, click on Submit Quote Request.

  • Your request for a quote will be sent to customer service representative, and you will receive a response within 48 hours.






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